My JUL17 Comic Book Pre-Order Picks

As with any pre-order, I’ve not read any of these. I’m basing my picks on a balance of what I’ve enjoyed by these authors in the past and various leaps of faith.

American Way Those Above And Below
written by John Ridley

Bankshot #4
written by Alex De Campi

Beirut Wont Cry Gn
written by Mazen Kerbaj

Blood Brothers #4
written by Fabian Rangel Jr.

Hi-Fi Fight Club #2
written by Carly Usdin

Hulk Planet Hulk Prose Novel HC
written by Greg Pak

Sheena #1
written by Marguerite Bennett & Christina Trujillo

Slam Next Jam #1
written by Pamela Ribon

Victor Lavalle Destroyer #5
written by Victor Lavalle

Wonder Woman Conan #1
written by Gail Simone


Catalyst Prime Accell #4
written by Joe Casey

Catalyst Prime Incidentals #2
written by Joe Casey & Ramon Govea

Catalyst Prime Superb #3
written by David Walker & Sheena C. Howard


Animosity The Rise #3
written by Marguerite Bennett

World Of Animosity #1
written by Marguerite Bennett


Charlton Arrow #1
written by various

Bedtime Stories For Impressionable Children #2
written by various

Now #1
written by various

from Blog – F. Omar Telan


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