Omar’s (Un-Produced) Too Much Light Plays: Cut Before Its Time

[As ensemble member announces title when it is *first* pulled, interrupt her/him yelling CURTAIN. It is important to note that this will require the entire ensemble pay attention; if the first reading is not interrupted, it is too late. The play will have had its time. You will have failed. Not you in the plural sense. You in the singular. You who are reading this right now are a failure… an abject failure. You may as well just end the whole show now. Ending the show before the 60 minute mark is the only way to salvage the failure of not ending this play before the time. So the question becomes “Just how dedicated are you? Will you end the show to prove that you are dedicated to the fleeting nature of performance?” I suppose that’s more than one question, but I think you get my point. Please end the play properly so we don’t have to find out what happens.]

from Blog – F. Omar Telan


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